Our Black Box Policy

A little box is fitted to your car which monitors all drivers’ journeys.

An online dashboard provides feedback and a driving score based on acceleration, braking, cornering, speed and journey time of day.

That feedback helps you see what you’re doing well, and where you need to improve, keeping you safer on the road. And safer drivers pay less for their insurance. Doesn’t that sound good?

Unlike some black box policies there are NO curfews and NO fines, and there’s even a stolen vehicle tracking system!

We’ll go into full detail when you contact us but here are a few things to keep in mind

Your quote we give includes the premium, any add-ons you chose, AND £235 to cover the cost of the box, fitting it, access to your dashboard and our box set up fee (£55.94). The £235 is non-fundable once the box is fitted.

If the policy is cancelled/not renewed the box is remotely switched off, or it can be removed at a cost of £60.

If you change your car, the new car will require a box. This will cost £180 in addition to any change in the premium/fee for insuring the new car.

By proceeding, you are confirming that all drivers have given their consent for their journeys to be monitored and for you to see the feedback/driving scores on the dashboard.

In addition to the dashboard, we may use Google Earth, Street View, Maps or similar to monitor and gather information about your driving.

The black box must be fitted within 7 working days of cover starting. Our partners, Quartix, arrange the fitting will be in contact to arrange this. You must confirm the appointment by replying to their email/text message. Please keep the appointment, because it will cost £45 if there’s a ‘no-show’ and there will not be a second chance.

You must sign and return a proposal form (an application form) and provide a copy driving licence for all drivers within 21 days, and your no claims bonus if applicable. Send us a photo/scan of the card part and see http://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence for the best way to share your counterpart licence with us.

This policy allows you and up to 2 parents or grandparents to drive. It does not allow siblings, friends, partners or temporary drivers at any time and there are no exceptions.

A courtesy car will not be given if there is a claim.

You will not have a ‘driving other cars’ extension.

Poor Driving Scores, Excessive Speed and Mileage Limits

With the help of the dashboard you should learn good habits and be a safe driver. But there are circumstances where your policy may be cancelled.

Driving scores are judged on a RED (high or medium risk), AMBER (needs improvement or average), GREEN (good or excellent) system. We require you to have an AMBER or GREEN score. If you have an overall RED score in any 14-day period a warning is issued. If after a maximum of 3 warnings during your policy your driving scores do not improve your policy will be cancelled.

If you exceed the speed limit for the road you are driving on by more than 50% you will get an excessive speed warning. If you are an inexperienced driver (provisional licence or full licence less than 12 months) a 2nd occasion of excessive speed will result in cancellation. For experienced drivers (full licence over 12 months) a 3rd occasion of excessive speed will result in cancellation.

Speeding by more than 25% over the speed limit may also lead to an excessive speed warning and policy cancellation.

Your policy allows your chosen number of miles. If you reach the limit and do not purchase extra your policy may be cancelled (or you need to leave your vehicle parked until such times as you do buy extra miles). Please choose carefully, because it’s typically more expensive to buy extra later than buy a little more now.

We will consider your overall driving score, excessive speed AND how much of your mileage allowance is used when deciding whether to issue warnings or cancel your policy. This is at our and/or your insurer’s sole discretion. The black box can’t tell who is driving, so you are responsible for the overall score.