Ezee Driver terms and conditions

You must 

  1. be aged 17-24 with an acceptable postcode and in full time education or employment, although some occupations are not acceptable.
  2. be the only driver aged between 17-24 on the policy. However, your siblings may be considered if they meet all other Ezee Driver criteria
  3. be buying and insuring a car in your own name for the first time, or renewing for the first time.
  4. have a full or provisional UK driving licence with no points, endorsements, offences or convictions.
  5. have been claim free in the last 5 years.
  6. have lived in the UK for at least the last 3 years.
  7. have a annual mileage of 8,000.
  8. meet the insurer’s normal underwriting criteria (we’ll check that).

The car you buy must

  1. be an acceptable group, which varies according to your age so we’ll advise you.
  2. be 6 years old or newer, although we may be able to quote for cars up to 10 years old in some cases.
  3. not be modified from the manufacturer’s standard specification. If you modify the car, the policy needs to be cancelled and you need to arrange alternative cover.

You can

  1. include your parents to drive if they have a full UK licence and no more than 3 points and one claim in the last 3 years in total.
  2. change the car/drivers covered by the policy as long as the new car/drivers are acceptable to the insurer, and you pay any extra premium that is due. You must tell us about changes immediately.

If you have a provisional licence when the policy starts you must tell us as soon as you pass your test and pay the appropriate additional premium

If you make a claim

  1. an excess is payable. The excess is £600 if you have an accident and £300 if your parent(s) have an accident or there is a fire/theft or malicious damage claim, £80 for windscreen replacement and £25 for windscreen repair claims.
  2. no refund of premium is due if you cancel the policy. If you pay monthly, the remaining payments need to be made.

Your car dealer/sales person
cannot commit us or the insurer to provide cover or give you advice about the suitability of cover. Please ask us if you have enquiries.

Other important information

  1. this scheme may be withdrawn at any time without notice and the insurer’s decision is final.
  2. nothing contained in this information obliges us or the insurer to provide cover.
  3. these terms and conditions are in addition to the normal policy terms and conditions, and Andrew Yule Insurance’s terms of business both of which are available on request. You can also request a policy summary which gives some details of the cover.