GAP cover

GAP insurance will prevent you from being out of pocket if your car is written off.

If your car is written off you’ll get a pay out from your car insurance policy (as long as you’ve got a valid claim). However, the pay out will only be the market value of the car and not what you paid for it. So, if you have outstanding finance on the vehicle that is greater than the market valuation you will have to pay the difference.

  • GAP insurance helps by topping up the car insurance pay out to the original invoice price of the car (known as the invoice GAP) or the amount you owe on finance at the time (known as the finance GAP).
  • Typical example: purchase invoice is £10,000; market value at time of write off is £6,000 then the invoice GAP pay out would be £4,000 or if you had £8,000 outstanding in finance at the time the finance GAP would pay out £2,000.
  • Cover starts from under £100.
  • There are lots of terms and conditions and a maximum pay out. If you want to learn more click the quote request button below.

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