Our best 17-25 year old insurance ever!


A clever little box is fitted to your car to monitor how you drive. We’ll give you feedback, helping make you a better and safer driver. It’s the best balance of technology and the encouragement of safer driving - and you get access to an excellent insurance product, too.

How does it work?


“Free Driver” by Andrew Yule Insurance was designed to help young drivers build up their insurance history without unnecessary costs. Our assumption is that drivers want to drive their cars responsibly regardless of their age.

We use black box telematics technology to give you driving feedback, making you a safer driver and saving you money. Unlike some other black box policies there’s no curfew, no fines and a flexible choice of miles.

Free Driver gives you the freedom to get on the road with:

  • No curfew

  • No fines

  • Flexible mileage

  • Driving feedback on a personal dashboard


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